VirtuaKamp uses the Web Graphics Library (WebGL) to render the immersive images. This library is enabled by default in most browsers, but if you are unable to view or interact with the virtual walkthrough, please find below the instructions related to your browser.

What is your browser?

Sometimes the same browser can work perfectly on your desktop but not on your mobile. Please follow the instructions below which will work for both desktop and mobile. If after fixing your browser you are still having problems, you have two options: 1) contact us using the contact form below or; 2) see the additional frequently asked questions at the end of the page.

google chrome
  1. Open a Chrome browser window and paste this into the address bar: chrome://flags
  2. Enable: “WebGL Developer Extensions“and “WebGL Draft Extensions
  3. Relaunch Chrome for any changes to take effect

  1. Open an Opera browser window and paste this into the address bar: about:config
  2. Expand the Advanced options and select Browser
  3. Go to the System section and ensure that Use hardware acceleration when available is enabled
  4. Relaunch Opera for any changes to take effect

microsoft edge
  1. In the browser’s address bar type: edge://settings/system
  2. Ensure that “Use hardware acceleration when available” is checked
  3. Relaunch Edge for any changes to take effect

  1. Enable Develop menu
  2. Click on Develop in the menu bar
  3. Click on Experimental Features and then on WebGL 2.0 to enable it

contact information

write us or contact us on our social media

How to navigate the scenes

Unlike a video, in a virtual walkthrough you can click on the scenes and move them around because the images have a 360 degree viewing angle. There are five different ways to move through the scenes.

control bar

The control bar is located at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on the arrows you can move the image.


To move the scene with the mouse just click and drag towards the side you would like to observe.

Scene list

The scene list is located on the upper left side of the screen. By clicking on the stripes you will find all scenes listed. Click and go!

floor plan

In the control bar, at the bottom of the screen, look for the image above, click on it and you will find a floor plan of each level of the property. Click on the red icons and go! 


The most practical way to change scenes is to click on the arrows. There are also other icons on the scenes that indicate additional content.

VR mode

Another very interesting way to navigate through scenes is by activating VR mode. To switch scenes just align the cross in the center of the display with the arrow or information spot

Additional Control Bar Tools

A virtual walkthrough can be fun too! Check out some of the tools available below.

full screen

For a more realistic immersive experience, it is worth enabling full screen mode.


By clicking this icon you disable automatic audio. In some walkthroughs it is possible that the directional sound is enabled. To hear the audio just click on the icon.


When clicked, this icon shows additional information about the walkthrough, such as a promotional video.

planet effect

This function transforms the image into a little planet.

google maps

By clicking this button, the location of the property is shown on Google Maps. You can zoom in or out.


This function is unique to smartphones or tablets. By clicking the button, the scene is rotated according to the movements made with the device.


Look through the scenes for hidden information spots! You will find many treasures along the way!









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Designed with love by: Ivan Gonzalez Smith and Raquel Theodoro