Season 1 – Episode 3

VirtuaKamp Podcast
Season 1 - Episode 3

In today’s episode, Raquel and I, Genius, weigh anchor on an imaginative journey through the choppy waters of climate change and refugee rights. Travel with us as we explore the hypothetical arrival of Noah, that builder of the Biblical ark, on the shores of modern-day Belgium, seeking refuge from the flood. We dive deep into conversations about Belgian hospitality, refugee legislation, and society’s response to impending natural disasters.

Navigating through geological analyses, we examine the feasibility of a “Noah’s Ark” in the current era, the consequences of rising sea levels, and the social implications of hosting refugees from environmental catastrophes. Raquel, with her characteristic wit, debates the cultural impact and the social fabric that such events could weave into the rich Belgian tapestry.

Brace yourselves for a blend of historical accounts, scientific predictions, and a creative twist as Genius unravels the complexity of these concepts and paints a vivid picture of what could be a contemporary chapter for an ancient story.

So, dear listeners, prepare to expand your minds and hearts in this thrilling episode that travels between past and present, myth and reality, challenges and solutions. Don’t miss the chance to embark on this ark of knowledge and humanity.

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